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Outline the possible conditions of a single-pole DC motor

2019-09-06 08:03
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  Now I think everyone knows about DC motors. In order to get a deeper understanding of single-pole DC motors, Xiaobian continues to give you an overview of the possible occurrences of single-pole DC motors.
  A single pole DC motor is a DC motor in which the armature conductive portion always operates in a single polar magnetic field. Single-pole DC motor It is a low-voltage, high-current, commutator-free DC motor.
  The unipolar DC motor therefore has a large contact loss and heat generation of the brush and is also fast to wear. For single-pole DC motors, the number of parallel brushes should be increased as much as possible. Single-pole DC motors use copper-graphite brushes with small contact voltage drop, or liquid metals with better conductivity and heat conductivity, such as mercury or sodium-potassium alloys. Wait for the brush. To increase the voltage of a single-pole DC motor, a single-pole DC motor must increase the air gap flux density and speed. The speed of a single-pole DC motor is limited by the mechanical strength of the rotating body, and the air gap flux density is limited by ferromagnetic saturation, and cannot be too high. What is the switched reluctance motor and control? The switched reluctance motor and control are controlled by a control circuit and a power converter, and the rotor position detector is mounted at one end of the motor. There are many potential fields for switching reluctance motors. Switched reluctance motors and control can be widely used in electric vehicle driving, general industry, household appliances, textile machinery, and power transmission in various occasions requiring speed regulation and high efficiency.
  The above is a brief introduction to the possible situation of the unipolar DC motor, I hope it will help everyone!

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