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2019-09-06 08:07
  Zibo Shenbo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise which was reformed by large state-owned enterprise Boshan Electric Machine Works.
  The company owns the powerful scientific research and development team, advanced automation and numerical control production equipments, first-class type test center and perfect modern management system. The company mainly produces micro-motors for control system, vehicle motors,AC motors and precision gear transmission units and so on.There are various models and plenty of specifications which are made according to international standard and military standard. The products are widely used in aerospace, aviation,transportation, machinery, light industry, textile, medical appliance, etc. A large number of motors have been exported to more than fifty countries and regions, including Asia, Africa,Europe, America, and Oceania.
  The company has passed ISO9001 & GJB9001B quality system and TS16949 quality management certification."Shanbo EM" mark is awarded "famous trademark of Shandong province" and "famous brand products of Shandong province",which s also entitled as Top Ten well-known brands of China Electrical Equipment Industry" by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association. The company is the vice chairman unit of Small 8 Medium Electric Motor Subassociation of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association and Micromotor Subassociation of CEEIA, and vice chairman unit of Vehicle-Use Electric Motor & Electrical Appliance Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. Besides, its one of the enterprises which is responsible for revising China GB of motor industry, GJB and industry standards
  The company adheres to leading high-end products,highlighting innovation and development, and strives to build a first-class high-tech enterprise with significant influence and core competitiveness.
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