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YLER,YLJ High Torque Ac Motor Overview

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YLER, YLJ series torque three-phase asynchronous motor,It has the characteristics of large starting torque, low stall current, good mechanical performance, with brakes and temperature protection, compact structure and small volume.

This series of motors duty of S5.

YLER and YLJ series motors are mainly used in machine tool automatic tool holder transposition driver.

YLER series torque motor is composed of motor, brake and thermal protector. The whole machine has compact structure and small volume.


Model description

Shanbo Electric Machine Group

Installation type

1. The frame has no feet, the end cap has a flange, and the flange has a through hole.

2. The frame has no feet,The end of the shaft has no end cover, and the frame has a screw hole

Conditions of Use

environment temperature:The maximum temperature is 40℃,The lowest temperature is -15℃

Altitude:Not more than 1000m

supply voltage:380V


Brake Voltage:DC24V

Applicable condition

Home application/Industrial/Boat/Truck/Driving part/Textile

installation instructions

As the requirements of clients/Adjustable


Outline and installation dimensions appearance


Required by clients

ordering instruction

1.When ordering, please indicate the motor type, locked-rotor torque, locked-rotor current, speed, voltage, frequency, installation structure, etc.

2. If there are any special requirements, we can also supply you after consultation.

3. If there is any change, no further notice.

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